Why should I go ?

"You’re actively encouraged to mix your drinks."

What’s the vibe ?

"A chemistry lab in a Mediterranean tapas bar. It works."

What should I order ?

"The Tapas list changes constantly, but there are always plenty of cheese-based dishes to pair with your concoctions. Generous portions of patatas bravas (spicy potatoes) are a mainstay. "

What about drinks ?

"This is the fun part: the wines are on tap, and you get to blend different combinations. Simple tasting notes like ‘strawberry’ and ‘peach’ help guide your choices, as do the knowledgeable bartenders."

Where should I go after ?

"It’s reliably lively until closing time. After that, head to a peniche on the banks of the Rhône. Le Sirius stays open until 3am."

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